Chair Decors recovery During Covid-19

It’s been almost half a year since COVID’s first wave hit North America, an amount of time that’s surprisingly short for the hardships that have come with it. We’d like to take a step back to empathize with the companies and individuals who, like us, are doing everything they can to get through this. As such, we wanted to take this time to share our experience, what we had to deal with, and how we overcame our own hardships. Hopefully our story can help motivate and inspire you to keep on moving through this grind. Though we are nowhere near where we were last year, we’ve made many improvements to the foundation of our organization during this time in order to really improve our customer’s experiences.

Before COVID we had been considering opening up on Sundays with how busy things had gotten this year; now, our hours are shorter than ever. During this time, when the feeling of hopelessness was creeping in, we looked within ourselves as a company and decided to view it in as positive a way as possible, as we definitely cannot change our circumstances. Instead, we decided to make the most of our time, despite not being able to be together in person. We take pride in the connection we have with our customers, and decided to focus on this first. First, we started connecting more with our clients through social media. We started showcasing all of our employees, what we do, and how we do it. This allowed us to reflect on all the times we shared together and channel it into something purposeful- truly putting the faces behind our brand. We continued to try to help our customers and connecting with them by launching our own brand of face masks and sanitizing. As restrictions loosened, we looked at other ways of improving our system; including improving our operations through re-organized racking systems and updated inventory management.

In fact, here is a video of us rebuilding the racks from scratch:

During the third and final phase, with events beginning again, we’ve finally integrated what we believe are satisfactory measures to bring everything back to speed! With many more businesses following suit, and education about proper COVID measures spreading, we are able to welcome people back to our business. Our showroom is now available to book in-person consultations, and we’ve created new rental packages in order accommodate more backyard and at-home party packages.

Though again, this is still not where Chair Decor used to be, the incredible team members and coworkers alongside each other have done their best in ensuring the customer experience stays as smooth and easy as possible. We keep all our items regularly sanitized, go through no forms of contact during each of our processes to ensure everyone’s safety, and frankly, still get extremely excited when we get to see people creating their dream events once again using our rental products. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone for their kind comments, positive responses, and overall consideration during these times. Thank you for continuously supporting our small but mighty business! Your input and appreciation means a lot to us, and we only hope to do the best we can to continue to serve you to your satisfaction.

Chair Decor Backyard Rental Package

We are anticipate more areas of Ontario to move to phase 3 including the York region area in the near future! Due to all these changes, we have created backyard rental packages to help bring your events to life in your own backyards.

Backyard Rental Package

For 20-30 People:

Package price of $550 (+HST)


  • 7 6ft tables
  • 7 linens of your choosing
  • 20-30 napkins
  • 20-30 chiavari chairs colour of your choice
  • Delivery & pickup included within the GTA

For 40-50 People:

Package price of $800 (+HST)


  • 9 8ft tables
  • 9 linens of your choosing
  • 40-50 napkins
  • 40-50 chiavari chairs colour of your choice
  • Delivery & pickup included within the GTA

Upgrade Your party by adding Chargers, Cutlery or a different chair!

Here some fun inspiration to help bring your ideas to life!


Does not include set-up or tear down. Weekday delivery and pick-ups only. No condo party rooms. No velvet and sequin linens.

Chair Decor Core Values

Core Values are seen as the very foundation of any company; Chair Decor staff treat Core Values with the utmost respect and work to lead in the values on a daily basis. In this blog we will break down each key value and why it is implemented at Chair Decor.

“We build partnerships- we don’t have clients, only partners”

We work with our clients so closely so we can share in each other’s successes and failures.

“We work as a team- we are accountable to each other”

Our success as an operation relies on each team member being accountable to their job and responsibilities.

“We deliver quality- we have quality people, products and services”

Quality is extremely  important, not just with the items you will be receiving from Chair Decor; as well as the staff members and service you will receive.

“We care”

We want you to succeed, we are partners, we work as a team, and we deliver quality. We care and want your event to go as smoothly and successfully as possible!