We know how much our Chair Décor partners love packages, so we went ahead and made an exciting Easter themed one!

Not only are these products individually reduced in price, if you purchase the entire package, you ALSO receive an additional 10% off!

Chair Decor’s Easter Tablescape:

When purchasing Chair Decor’s Easter tablescape, you will be receiving specific Easter themed table linen, a beautiful runner, matching chargers per person with 5 piece cutlery sets, and of course, napkin and napkin rings!

Price: $25.00/person tax included (Minimum 3 people)

Turn of Events Catering’s seafood brunch platter and fruit platter:

Seafood brunch platter- An array of locally sourced smoked fish with bagels and fresh herb cream cheese spread accompanied with cooked shrimp and rainfort sauce topped with sliced red onions, capers and lemon wedges.

Fruit platter- Freshly slice pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, topped with grapes and sliced oranges

Price: $180 tax included

Kreative Clusters’ Mini Garland:

A fully customization mini garland spanning approximately 5 ft in length. A wide variety of colours and shapes so that your balloon decor matches your theme perfectly. Your mini garland comes equipped with everything you need for an easy DIY installation.

Price: $135 tax included

Olivia’s Frosted Crown’s Easter DIY Sugar Cookie Box:

12 hand cut sugar cookies in 2 shapes, 6 Easter eggs with 6 Easter bunnies, 6 bags of royal icing in varying pastel shades, 5 packs of premium sprinkles and 5 wooden spoons for decorating.

Price: $45.00 tax included

Take away the stress of planning for the holidays with one simple order!

Contact us through DM, email us at info@chairdecor.com, or call us! (905) 851-4007

Why upgraded linens and chargers are making a comeback?

People, more than ever, are paying attention to “all the little things” to really complete a full look!

In the last three years we have collected data on where are sales are growing and ensuring our new products meet their décor needs. We love to bring in new, trendy products!

  • Chair covers are not as popular as they used to be due to the popularization of chiavari chairs that are found as the in-house chairs at venues and the affordability with rental companies. But every year around the Holidays, Chair covers make a comeback as an affordable option to really elevate any holiday themes!
  • Chair rentals are staggering, most likely because venues are bringing in nicer and nicer chairs! Based on the direction 2021 is heading, chairs will be a lot more popular for outdoor weddings and backyard functions!
  • Linens are our most rented items. Luckily for us, we partner with a number of venues and  catering companies to provide basic linens options for their wedding packages! They’re always extremely popular for any of our clients!
  • but when looking at upgraded linens you can see they have become more trendy and a lot more people seem to appreciate how it elevates a room.
  • This is also the same in regards to chargers. The difference between 2018 and 2020 is extreme! There is a good reason for this, especially in smaller weddings. Chargers are such a great way to create a beautiful elevated setting. 

    Why upgraded linens and chargers are making a comeback?

    Because it is the BEST way to completely elevate the entire room’s décor.

Anna Rinomato – Pure Event Design bypeterandpauls

Garine: Hello! My name is Garine, I am the social media manager and marketing manager at Chair Decor. I wanted to first start by asking you a couple basic questions. What is your name, and the name of your company?

Anna Rinomato:  My name is Anna Rinomato, Pure Event Design bypeterandpauls

Garine: How long have you been in the industry?

Anna Rinomato: Social and Corporate event industry for 10 years.

Garine: That is incredible! It is amazing to see a planner with a background in social and corporate. What are your experiences with Chair Decor?

Anna Rinomato: Excellent services provided.  Will always go that extra step to help out in a jam. There are times when your end-user client makes changes and the team at Chair Décor will always be there to rectify the issue and make you look like a star to your client.  Excellent choices for products.  Have never had a negative issue with this team.  Professional, even though I may not be at times!

Garine: You have always been such a delight to work alongside, and always make us laugh! What do think the long term impact of COVID will have on the wedding/event industry? what does this mean for the future of the event industry?

Anna Rinomato: 

This could go two ways. Brides and grooms will still get married but may feel they don’t have to have the large, luxurious wedding they always dreamed of. They have been forced to become more resourceful and as more time goes on, they will become accustomed to smaller, intimate weddings. The other side of the coin is that people will be so fed up of being tied down through this pandemic. They will totally look forward to sharing and celebrating such a momentous day in their lives with all their families and friends. They will want to have a huge celebration with all the bells and whistles!!! Can’t wait!!!

Garine: Love your positive attitude! Are there any exciting new projects you’d like to share?

Anna Rinomato: 

Still corresponding with clients who are booking for their 2021 and 2022 weddings. We are in the midst of setting up one of our newly renovated venues, Bellagio. This setting will showcase what our main room can look like decorated, for clients looking to book a venue for their wedding. Looking forward to soon-to-be renovations at Eaton Hall in King City!


Thank you so much Anna, we love working with you and how you always bring a smile to our face! We wish you the best of luck and are excited for our future endeavors.