Why Chair Decor?

Chair Décor focuses on being in the forefront of the linen industry. They really value the importance of a current and beautiful social media along side an updated website that allows you to get direct quotes online.

Lucky for you, Chair Decor is a business local to Toronto designed to make sure you can have positive experiences. As we target the event industry through our variety of fine linens, we have a deep understanding of the importance of high quality products, along with the most aesthetically pleasing ways to pair them for your event. Furthermore, our prices are reasonable enough to ensure satisfaction on your part and continued quality products on our end. With over 150 linen options and 200 napkin options, our vast selection gives you plenty of flexibility when planning your dream event. Whether you wish for a quiet, elegant setting, a bright, vibrant engagement party, or a glitzy and glamorous wedding, we are determined to find options or combinations tailored to your specific preference and style.

Excellent customer service is another core value here at Chair Decor; we give out our personal emails and numbers and diligently check our social media services to make sure we are available to help in as timely a manner as possible. When placing a quote on our website, you can expect a response within 24 hours, ensuring that your event will not be double booked and that it will meet the standards that we are extremely proud of having. Also, In this age of social media appearance is everything, which is why we care deeply about providing honest advice to customers. We understand that your happiness comes first and try our best to assimilate your preferences in the way they look best.

As our teams experience is localized to the fine linen industry, we have a wealth of knowledge from the perspectives of event planners, venues, brides and grooms. We truly mean that; staff members here at Chair Decor refuse to go anywhere else for linens for their own weddings, and we’ve hired interns to help us develop an outsider’s perspective of the industry’s needs as well. We are truly committed to developing a complete idea of what exactly it is that you, the client, need, and how we can provide it to the best of our abilities. Each and every one of us gives 100 percent here at Chair Decor to ensure this. We empathize with how exhausting your wedding or other event experience must already be, and try our best to both shoulder the burden with you as well as share in your excitement leading up to it. Our staff will happily discuss their recommendations as well as their opinions on how to enhance any current ideas; our passion for ensuring a satisfactory experience extends to your guests!


Another thing that separates Chair Decor from competitors is how we go the extra mile for our clients; we label all of our linens, keep them well-stored, and have specialty Chair Decor bags for your used linens after the event. We want you, the client, to feel taken care of during this stressful part of your life. Whether you wish to come by early and chat with us or are on the run and wish to grab your linens and go, we are completely understanding of your circumstances and act to make your day the best is can be!

Have an emergency, and another linen company has left you disappointed? Again, we’re here to make your process as quick and easy as possible, and with no minimum quantities needed on orders we are willing to help with emergencies to the best of our ability. The flexibility that we carry being a fine linen business allows our employees the joy of saving your event from potential disaster.

Last but not least, Chair Decor also has a showroom that we use to showcase our linens. This gives you a complete idea of how your wedding will turn out; with a room dedicated to setting up around chairs and tables with napkins, chargers, runners, bows, bands, overlays, cutlery, chair covers, table linens, and more! We want to give you the option to try them all, see what options you like, and finally to shape your dream event. We have two tables, one circle and one rectangle, which you can choose between when planning out your event. Our on site staff will passionately help you through this entire experience, doing their best to match your price range and preferences.

If there’s anything related to the industry you’re still curious about, or feel like we missed, we would love to hear any and all feedback. Contact us by e-mail at info@chairdecor.com or by phone at 905-851-4007. As mentioned earlier, we will respond as soon as possible!

Showroom Bookings

This week, we will be discussing the simple process in booking the Chair Décor Showroom for clients and planners to meet and discuss events. Booking the showroom makes for a quieter and more private setting than a coffee shop or another public place. Furthermore, this give you and your client a chance to look at samples of the linens and napkins we have to offer for their event. This simple online process is a just another way Chair Décor is going above and beyond for our clients.

So, here’s a step by step on how to book our showroom:

First when you head on to chairdecor.com and get sent to the homepage seen below, you will see on the top right-hand corner it says Book Showroom. Click that and continue.

 Next, after you clicked Book Showroom you will see the page below. On the Left-hand side, you will see a legend and the first icon says Book Appointment, click that button then you should see View Showroom come up under all services.

After you will see it says Chair décor like below, click that icon and then it should lead you to a calendar page.

 Once on the calendar page find a date and then a time of your preference. After you select a time the page will automatically send you to sign in page. This page will allow you to either sign in through a Facebook, Google or a Setmore account. You can also create a profile so that you can use it for future bookings and skip this login process next time.


 You also have the option of skipping this process, that will lead you to the page seen below where you will type your name, number, address, email, or any comments in the comments box

After you hit next the screen should look like below with a confirmation of the information you put on the previous screen. If everything looks correct you will hit Book my Appointment and it will take you to the confirmation screen and voila, you’ve booked the showroom.

As always, for more ideas on weddings, décor, and a closer look at our amazing showroom, follow @chairdecor on Instagram. While you’re there don’t forget to check out the weekly polls and vote on your favorite looks.

Cardinal Beginnings

This week we will be focusing the spotlight on one of our own here at Chair Décor. We decided to interview our account manager, Alison. We are excited to share with you her experience in the industry, and little a bit about being a client of Chair Décor for her own wedding a year ago and how she became the newest member of our team here.

Did you work for Chair Decor before getting married? How long have you worked for Chair Decor?

Alison: No. [And its been] 4 Months


As a client, how did you like CD?

Alison: I loved it, I made an appointment with Liz to come in to see the linen that I had seen at a previous wedding. Being that is was a new product and I was excited to see it, Liz had everything ready to go for my appointment. The experience at my appointment provided me with complete peace of mind. I was able to bring my centrepiece and do a complete set-up to make sure I was happy with all my choices. With Liz’s help, I was able to see everything come together instead of just imagining it in my head! Since Chair Décor is a preferred vendor at Redcrest, Liz was familiar with the venue and was able to really help complete my order. She knew the sizing of all the tables and everything was delivered seamlessly before set-up. I truly think it was a beautiful wedding and to this day, I still like the linen I picked!

And do you think being a client before you worked here has helped with your experience when working with other clients?

A: Yes because I know the process of when a customer comes in with an inquiry, I know how the process goes from start to finish. I know the products that are available based on what I’ve seen coming through.

How did you go from being a client to working at Chair Décor?

A: Long story short, I had worked in that industry for 8 years, which a long time for an event coordinator to work at one venue, and I was looking to do something new! I definitely knew I wanted to stay in the industry, I am one of those crazy people, and it turned out Liz was looking to fill a mat leave position. Since Liz was connected with me through work, she reached out and offered me the position!


Are there significant differences between being a client and working for Chair Décor?

A: I think it’s safe to say, I didn’t know there was so much to know about linens! I definitely feel from a client perspective, I had a lack of knowledge but as I get more comfortable here, I am becoming the expert! It is cool to now be educating the client on all the options we have and really have an impact what they want their wedding to look like.

How long have you worked in the wedding industry?

A: A short 10 years in the industry

Did you start out in wedding coordinating, and what is wedding coordinating for those who don’t know?

A: Started off serving then got promoted, promoted, promoted!

Wedding coordinating (in not too many words) is dealing with the wedding couple one on one. You work at collecting all their wedding details from a venue perspective and following those details through for their wedding.

So are their specific kind of wants and needs for their wedding?

A: Yes so like menu, times, location, linens… and many, many more. Each client is different too! So as much as my questions might be the same, their answers, frequently, are different.

Did you know you always wanted work in the wedding industry or did you fall into it through being promoted?

A: Yeah, I always knew I wanted to be in the wedding industry, I went looking for a job that’s kept me in the industry. Now I have more knowledge in the industry because I’m coming from all these different perspectives.

You said you worked for another company before working here, how do they compare to CD, I’m assuming they are different spectrums in the same industry?

A: So they are a venue, therefore this is a venue perspective. So they multiple clients in a week vs. we deal with like 52 wedding between both properties. Here, I’ll deal with more weddings, with different venues  but way less involved with the client’s details.

What would you say is the best part about working for Chair décor?

A: The Linens! I love the linens! Meeting everyone, co-workers, all the female power here. I do feel like I am learning more, whereas at cardinal like at 8 years I left also because there was no more room for me to grow. Here I’m learning constantly all the time. Learning new things about different venues, different planners, different trends.

What are some challenges you’ve faced working for CD?

A: Knowing all the linens names and the quantities and those are the two main challenges. Trying to learn all 160 of them.

Once again for more ideas on weddings and more of Alison and her work at CD follow  @chairdecor on Instagram, and check out the weekly polls and vote for your favourite looks.