So, You’re Getting Married What Do You Do Now? (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of this series on wedding décor. In the last blog, the main topics were tables and linens for your wedding. Now we’ll go into answering questions about chargers, chairs and other place settings.

First up, chargers. You may be wondering what is a charger? Well, a charger is a decorative plate that goes under your dinner plate. It helps elevate the decor as well as the aesthetics of the food you’ll be eating; definitely photo worthy for those instagram foodies! There are many designs and styles to choose from. You can have a simple charger that is clear or with beads on around the rim that are silver or gold; all available at Chair décor. Or you can have something grand and golden like the Valentino charger or La Dolce charger also available at Chair Décor. If you are also upgrading your cutlery, it’s nice to select a charger that compliments your other upgrades and accent colours.

Next, napkins; napkin colours we discussed in the last blog post, however, a napkin accessory that you may not have considered for your big day are napkin rings. Napkin rings help keep your napkins in place and add to the overall look of your table. You can choose from a swirl, net, or traditional napkin rings depending on the rest of the décor or the setting in which you wish to have your napkins set at your table. Chair Décor has a great assortment of different napkin rings to choose from.


Finally, the chairs! Naturally where your guests will sit is an important wedding detail. First, you can choose a wide variety of different chairs from more traditional looking Chiavari chairs or Phoenix chairs which can all be found on the Chair Décor website. You can even go the extra mile and add a chair cover. The chair cover will naturally drape around the entire chair and this a great option if you want the chairs to match the linens or just don’t think any regular chair will be the right fit for your wedding. Chair seats are also removable in most chairs and if you find a chair that works but are not a fan of the look of the seat cushion, there’s also an option to replace them with other chair seats so that your chairs are absolutely perfect for your big day.


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So, You’re Getting Married What Do You Do Now?

It’s one of the happiest moments you’ve ever experienced. The love of your life got down on one knee and popped the big question. Will you marry me? You’re so excited and happy it’s the moment you’ve always dreamed of. But now the work begins, you have a wedding to plan and the major question is where do you begin. So, you’ve bought the dress, ordered the cake, booked the venue, picked out the invitations, decided on whether you want a DJ or a live band. But now here come the smaller details that will set your wedding apart from the rest, the general décor. Do you want your wedding to be more rustic looking? Do want it more classic? Traditional white? Darker hues perhaps? All of that depends on the linens, overlays, napkins, tables and other décor and décor accessories. This may sound overwhelming, but here’s a mini guide on how to choose the best décor to make your special day as beautiful as possible.

Here are some examples of questions you may have about planning your upcoming nuptials:

What kind of tables will I need? Are there sizes?

How many will I need?

Are there multi-use tables? Will I need backup tables?

What is Napkin ring/ Do I need a Napkin ring?

What is a Charger?

First of, you might want to start with which tables you want for your wedding; this will rely on how many people are invited to your big day. You can choose a standard 120-inch table which seats around 8 people, or you may opt for a 132-inch table which seats about 10, ideal for larger weddings. If you’re planning on having a high table for your wedding party to be seated at, a standard buffet table which is 8-feet would be ideal.  You may opt for extra tables as well as they could be used for wedding gifts, maybe a guest book, or a table for your wedding cake. These tables will be known as your signature tables. After you’ve decided which tables you’ll need and how many, you get to do the fun part, deciding which colours are you going to choose to decorate the wedding.

After choosing what colours, or theme you want for the wedding whether it be white and blue, or rustic or classic, you get to look into linens and overlays. Currently on trend are floor length linens and overlays, both available at Chair Décor. Sheer runners are also making a comeback and are a great look for any table. Once again which one you choose will depend on the colour scheme or theme of the wedding. Furthermore, you can choose which napkins will go with the linens on your tables, some may choose an exact match the linens some may opt for a complementary colour, for those who have a specific colour scheme, they may elect to stay within those colours.


For even more ideas on wedding pieces follow @chairdecor on Instagram for ideas on wedding linens, other events, and check out the weekly polls and vote for your favourite looks. Stay tuned for part 2 where more of your décor wedding questions will be answered

2019 Is A Game Changing Year For Chair Decor

After revamping our logo, social media and upgrading our showroom, Chair Decor is back to blogging as well!

We at Chair Decor take pride in our products, and we are extremely excited to share them with you. This year we have 2 unique and gorgeous overlays to showcase.

For the bride & grooms that are looking for more of a rose gold accent, we would suggest looking at our Rose Gold Paisley overlay. This linen compliments a number of colour palettes. Since it’s an overlay, we can bring out more of a champagne colour by using a champagne satin underlay or more of a blush colour by using our blush satin underlay. If you really want to bring out rose gold, we highly recommend using a latte bengaline underlay. These different colours really allow each couple to design a unique look while still using the same overlay. This is also a really affordable upgrade option for those couples using their venue’s in house linens but also want a unique piece for their head table. Luckily for our clients, we do not require a minimum order!

Our second new addition to our overlay products is Northern Lights. This stunning overlay carries white and silver sequin touches. It definitely is a show stopper! With unique patterns and waves of sequins, it would make for the perfect spotlight table.

There are many new things arriving at Chair Decor, and we look forward to sharing these with you!